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we are at 101 ½ Mary Street, Suite 201, Whitby Ontario.

The Brooklin Run Club was founded over 7 years ago by Sheree Nicholson, Owner of the Yoga/Fitness studio, to fill a huge gap in the running community.
Most run clubs are a group of friends who meet up and form a club, there is little structure and eventually they disband, or they are clinics run by stores that are interested in selling you product such as shoes, coats and gear.

We are neither ! We are a highly skilled group of people who lead a professional run club, that helps you set personalized goals, supports you in achieving those goals and keeps you focused through structured talks, runs and online support.

Our leaders are runners, who train, compete and then share with you their knowledge based on their experience. Each leader is chosen for his/her running experience, love of running and ability to share this with other runners.

Whether your goal is to learn to run or to get faster at your current distance, qualify for Boston, or lose weight we are the club for you.
Experience the Brooklin Run Club Difference;
1.     Certified Fitness Experts – Learn how to effectively cross train
2.     Certified Yoga Instructors to help you get that perfect stretch
3.     Free Yoga for Runners Class – this class has been running for 10 years and is an amazing strength/stretch/core class
4.     Certified Holistic Nutritionists – to help you with Weight Loss and Nutrition
5.     Expert Guest Speakers
6.     Individualized Help
7.     Active Facebook Support
8.     Running Plans
9.     Trail Running
10.  Plant Based Nutrition Experts – learn how to increase your energy by eating more live food
11.  Ultra Marathoners (for those who have such lofty goals)
12.  On staff Certified Personal Trainers for those who want one on one training
13.  Opportunities to make running friends right here in your community.
14.  Goal Races
15.  Discount at Running Free in Ajax
16.  Recipes
17.  Informative Newsletter packed full of great ideas and product reviews
If your running group does not offer you this kind of support, join us for a session and experience
The Brooklin Run Club difference.
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"The greatest battle is not physical but psychological. The demons telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit can never be silenced for good.
They must always be answered by the quiet steady dignity that simply refuses to give in."
-Graeme Fife
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