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Why personal training ?
Accelerate your progress in private personal training designed just for you, our trainers are highly skilled, certified and offer personalized training programs just for you. If you are new to working out and want to feel safe and well cared for, private training offers you the chance to get fit and lose weight where you can openly discuss your goals without fear. If you have specific goals we can help you meet them. Maybe you are already fit but want to take yourself to the next level, become a better athlete, run stronger, then personal training is great for this too. No matter who you are private training sessions will become addictive as you begin to reach goals that were once thought of as impossible. All of our trainers have been where you are now, unfit, overweight and through diet and exercise have become well, fit and healthy. Let us help you become the best version of you.
Meet our trainers
Sheree has led an active lifestyle for about 20 years. In her 30's she played squash, wanting to become a better player she took up running, and quit smoking (a pack a day). This was the gateway to her new life. She was soon teaching clinics at the running room, and started her yoga teacher training 10 years ago. She is a senior yoga teacher, certified Pilates teacher, certified spin instructor, certified kettlebell trainer. As well, she holds numerous certifications in yoga. Her training style is a blend of all she knows, her workouts are hard, functional and she believes that a fit person can conquer all personal fears. She is not afraid to challenge you while at the same time focusing on making you strong, increasing your functional movement and integrating the whole body. She finds most people come to her from other trainers with strong legs and arms, but a weak core, so her sessions strongly integrate true core work. She is a senior trainer based on her ability to blend her wide knowledge base in creating challenging and interesting sessions. Having lost almost 40lbs without dieting she is a believer in whole foods to make you healthy and fit. Send her your food journal and find out how you too can lose weight without dieting or email her for her pocket guide titled Diets Don't Work. A believer in personal training she still trains 2 times a week with her own trainer, this is her "me" time, no thinking just doing.
In her spare time she trail runs (26k trials races), cycles and competes in Kettlebell competitions, ranking 2nd in her last few competitions. She is the owner of The Brooklin Run club and Live with Spirit Yoga Studio and is a strong promoter of being fit at any age.
Brandon has been a personal trainer for 7 years. Having lost over 80 pounds and taking his body fat from 35% down to 10%, he can relate to the struggles of trying to becoming healthy and fit. A family man with a full time day job, Brandon has learned to optimize his workouts for achieving high results with efficiency. Through boxing, kettlebells, circuit workouts and lifting weights, he can help you reach whatever goals you want to achieve.

As a certified personal trainer, Level 1 kettlebell certified instructor, integrated training institute certified Kettlebell Coach and also with a diploma as a social service worker and motivational counseling certificate, Brandon has the perfect combination of understanding both the physical and mental aspects of health and fitness. Work with him to determine your goals, set a plan and watch yourself transform as he keeps you motivated and challenged.

You can train with Brandon privately, through his Saturday morning bootcamp and also with the new Muay Thai Boxing classes on Thursday evenings.

When Brandon isn't working out or training people, he likes to spend time playing with his kids, going for a walk and photography.
Pricing :
Private one hour $60.00
Private 45 minutes $45.00
Private 30 minutes $30.00
Small group training $20.00/person (minimum 3 people, maximum 5 people).

Book private session twice weekly receive a 10% discount.
Book private session 3 times a week receive a 15% discount.

Payable monthly by credit card, debit, email transfer or cash. Missed sessions are billable unless we receive 24 hours cancellation notice.

Please add 13% HST to the above pricing
To book your free private consultation with any of our trainers, email
The studio is open 15 minutes before each class we are closed all statutory holidays.
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