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ShereeWhen I began taking yoga over 12 years ago I knew I had found what was missing in my life, I loved Yoga from the very first class. I came to yoga to find balance in a busy life that included being a business woman, a mom/step-mom, wife, volunteer and runner.

Yoga changed the way I felt about myself, my body and the world. I decided to become a teacher to further my knowledge and to be able to share with others what I had personally experienced.

I treat my yoga mat as sacred a place to come to, no matter what is happening in my life, my little island of tranquility.

Over the years I have been honored to have studied and practiced with amazing local and international teachers and I personally continue to grow in my practice.

I teach yoga always with the intention that my students will experience freedom; freedom from stress, and freedom from negative thoughts about themselves and others. I love when a new person comes to a class, stays and then later shares with me the positive impact yoga has had in their life. Just one class a week can change how you feel and how you react to stress.

Teaching yoga is my calling, I left a successful career to open my studio, I feel like I am a part of a community now, I love making yoga accessible to all types of people. When I run through the streets of Brooklin it is rare that I don’t meet someone who has visited my studio. In this fast paced world I feel grateful to have such a great community to live and teach in.

When I am not teaching yoga I am running or cycling or just sitting around reading yoga philosophy with my Golden Retrievers at my feet. I also love to laugh so in my downtime I like to rent funny movies.

Last July I began my study of Tantric Yoga in Thailand, I spent 5 weeks at the Agama School, where I deepened my knowledge of yoga. I intend to return to the Agama school on Koh Phangon, Thailand for several years, as there are very few Tantric Schools left in the world. Upon my return from this trip I entered into a weeklong intensive Yoga Therapy course.

I have developed curriculum for a RYT 200 level yoga teacher training program and am working on an addition 300 hour course. Our studio is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, an international association that sets yoga teacher training standards, we are a Registered Yoga School.(RYS) Upon graduation a student qualifies to be RYT 200, I personally am E-RYT 500, the “E” stands for experienced.

I love yoga and believe that Durham Region has a wide variety of amazing yoga to offer, because of this several years ago I founded the Durham Yoga Festival, an all date event which is a collaborative event between a variety of studios and teachers in Durham Region, this event is a fundraiser for local youth charities.

I hope to always be a student of yoga but also to be able to offer to the Brooklin community the very best of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

RYT 200 - East to West Yoga
RYT 500 - East to West Yoga
(Currently I have the designation of E-RYT 500)

Workshops with Functional Synergy

SI Joints - Functional Synergy - Susi Hately Aldous (2 hours)
Triangle Pose - Functional Synergy - Susi Hately Aldous (2 hours)
Hips/Knees - Functional Synergy - Susi Hately Aldous (2 hours)
Getting out of Pain- Functional Synergy - Susi Hately Aldous (2 days)
Yoga Therapy Intensive - Functional Synergy - Susi Hately Aldous (5 days)

Agama School - Thailand
First Level Intensive - (150 hours)
Tantric One - (30 hours)

Certified Pilates Instructor
Reebok Certified Level One Spinning Instructor
Can-Fit-Pro Professional Trainer - Mind Body Specialist Course

I have also taken a variety of 2 hour workshops/lectures with
Dr. Ray Long
Danny Paradise
Baron Baptiste

Acharya Ram Vakkalanka

Acharya Ram Vakkalanka is a Yoga philosopher, Kirtan leader, Sanskrit teacher and Sitar artist. Ram belongs to the spiritual lineage of Dattatreya and his spiritual Guru is Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore, India. Based in Toronto, Canada, Ram travels all over North America and India teaching Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit, conducting Kirtan and Mantra chanting sessions, training Kirtan leaders, performing and teaching Sitar. Ram's core values are 'authentic tradition' and 'modern presentation' in all areas of endeavor. Ram is known for his impressive ability to teach even the most intricate texts of Yoga in an easily understandable manner, using modern presentation tools and current examples, making the learning experience enlightening and fun at the same time. His Sanskrit courses entitled "Sanskrit the fun way" are sought after for their relevance to the Yoga world and orientation to the native English speakers. Ram's Sitar music is highly applauded by many Yoginis and Yogis for its soothing, meditative quality as well as its calming effect

Hugh Peacock

Hugh PeacockHugh has been teaching yoga of awareness since 2004 in the Innerquest tradition of Maureen Daigle, a Kripalu and Phoenix Rising graduate.

He has been drawn to the Sanskrit language for several reasons: Its syllabic potential to set up a resonance of interiority, a pathway to inner awareness; The universality of the names of postures wherever one goes to practice; Access to the great sources of yoga thought and teaching, especially the Gita (long a) and its enormous influence on Western thought and literature, and his enjoyment and appreciation of kirtan (chant and response).

Hugh joins the Live With Spirit Yoga Teacher training faculty as our Sanskrit teacher.

Michelle Ho - Anatomy Teacher

Michelle Ho is a registered nurse, mother of twin ten year olds and has been practicing yoga since the age of 13, though she just called it exercises back then. The body, as we know, is much more than a sum of its parts; it incorporates multiple layers of tissue, bone, organs, breath, energy and spirituality. Michelle sees yoga as a wonderful complement to her nursing practice, and vice versa. Yoga is increasingly recognized in western medical society as an effective treatment for strengthening healthy bodies and minds or restoring people from illness or injury. It truly is for everyone, and Michelle has personally experienced the transformative effects of regular yoga practice on her whole self. It is with this belief that she enjoys sharing her practice with other yoga practitioners.

Her official yoga journey towards teaching began when she took her first class in 2010 and later made one of the best decisions of her life. She completed Live with Spirit yoga teacher training in 2015 and began her teaching practice at that time. She enjoys teaching Hatha style as well as power yoga, vinyasa flows, and restorative yin styles. She believes that being a good teacher is supported by being a student and continuing to learn from other teachers as well as self study. Yoga is a never ending journey, just like life. Yoga has been life changing, provided her with love and peace and she wants to share this life altering practice with the rest of the world.
The studio is open 15 minutes before each class we are closed all statutory holidays.
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