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Tabata (HIIT)
"Tabata" is the name of a particular type of workout program that provides similar health benefits to that of cardio workouts, but Tabata has a bit more spice. Tabata falls under the category of high intensity training or high intensity interval training. After your warm-up we will do sets exercises for 4 minutes, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest (8 repeats)., Tabata is a form offers more health benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercise. It's short, efficient and can fit in almost any fitness program. Take this fun high energy class if you want to burn fat, create lean muscles mass and get into the best shape ever. Find out why this style of workout is the fitness craze of 2016.
Kettlebell Cardio/Strength Class
Join one of fastest growing fitness crazes, workout in a dynamic style with Kettlebells, a combo of cardio and Kettlebell training will burn fat and inches. In addition, to giving you incredible muscular endurance when done in high repetitions, with a proper nutrition plan, any excess fat that you have will melt off rapidly. Ballistic exercises are not the only exercises that you can benefit from, Kettlebell exercises such as: the Turkish get-up, Bent Press, and Windmill will develop a rock-hard midsection and increase shoulder flexibility and stability.
Pilates (Matt Work)
Classes that promote functional movement and stability, postural facilitation and post-rehabilitative exercise. Classes are rejuvenating and offer an overall exercise experience that is stimulating for both the body and the mind. An emphasis on abdominal and back muscles leads to postural realignment, core stability and freer movement. You will feel your body start to change shape, muscles lengthen and posture improve. Pilates targets abdominal and back muscles for strength, power and flexibility. As the class progresses you will see and feel your "core" not only as your midriff, but as part of the integrated system of your entire body.
Yoga for Children
Fun classes using postures, breathing, music and visualization. Classes may include stories, adventures, crafts and song. Children will be encouraged to work at their own pace and to bring yoga off the mat and into their home. Children love yoga.
Power Pilates/Barre
A fast moving Pilates class incorporating Classic Pilates Mat Repertoire with Barre Excerises and Body weight movements. Each class will have a cardio portion as well as Create a strong, lean body. Several Power Plank Series created by Sheree are incorporated into this class.
Power Performance Pilates
This class blends Pilates and fitness moves in a class that creates fast toning results. It includes more repetitions and longer sets. Great for losing inches and for performance in other sports. Several Power Plank original flows ( created by Sheree) are incorporated into this class.
Advanced Pilates - Coming Soon
Start to advance your practice, this class will move into advanced Pilates moves and we will incorporate some longer repetitions. Students should have some previous Pilates experience or be fit.
Hatha Yoga
The most common form of yoga practiced in North America. Hatha yoga is postures linked together in a manner to release tension, exercise the body, improve muscle flexibility and promote a calm mind. The postures can be modified for any level of ability including those who may need a chair for support. A level 1 class is great for beginners or those wishing to work on their alignment. A level 2 class moves towards more challenging postures and longer periods of holding the postures. Classes include breathing, postures and meditation. Most Classes are adaptable to all levels of practice.
PowerYoga Fit
PowerYoga Fit Yoga is a faster moving style of yoga that develops physical strength and endurance. Each class has a focus on core stability, alignment and precise movement. Try a class and you will be hooked. All PowerYoga Fit classes have a strong focus on the core.
PowerYoga Fit (for teens)
Your teen athlete should take this class. This class is about core, balance, range of motion and flexibility.
Prenatal Yoga
Becoming a new mother can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Join us for a class designed to prepare your body for labour as well as to help you to understand, respect and honour your changing body and emotions during each trimester. A short discussion is held at the beginning of each class so we can share with other students our experiences. Handouts are included for at home exercises.
Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses, that are held for longer periods of time. These longer holds allow your body to release completely and bring to your yoga practice a more meditative style of being.
Meditation (Intro to)
A 6 week series where we explore different styles of meditation and is great for beginners. In this class we learn techniques to quiet our minds and calm our over reactions. You will receive free audio recordings of the mediations for use at home.
The studio is open 15 minutes before each class we are closed all statutory holidays.
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